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1. May I help you? 您买东西吗?

2. Can I help you?/ What can I do for you?您想买什么?

3. Is there anything I can do for you?

       4. May(Can) I do something for you?

一般不说:What do you want?因为这样问显得无礼。


        Which shirt(pen…) do you like?


        What size(colour,kind…) do yu want?


        Do you like this size(colour, kind…)?


        Is this(Are these)all right?


        What about these(those)?


        What else would you like?




1. I am looking for a red coat. 我想买一件红衣服。

2. I want to get a pair of sunglasses. 我想买一副太阳镜。

3. I'd like to have a pair of black trousers. 我想买条黑裤子。

4. Can you show me a shirt?可以把衬衫给我看看吗?

5. Could I have a look at that blouse?我可以看看那件女式衫衣吗?


No,thanks. I'm just looking around. /Just have a look. 不,谢谢了。我只是随便看看而已。


Can you show me…? 你能给我看看…吗?

I would like(want) some… 我想买…

Have you got any…? 你们有…吗?

I’m looking for… 我想买…


How much is it(are they)?多少钱?

How much do you ask for it(them)?这个(些)你要多少钱?

What does it come to?一共多少钱?

Can it(they) be cheaper?能便宜点吗?

That’s too much dear.太贵了。

Can you sell it for two yuan?两元钱你卖吗?

Can you come down a little?能便宜一点吗?

How much do you want?你想要多少钱?


May I have a look at it(them)? 我可以看看吗?

Can I try it(them) on? 我可以试一试吗?

…is(are) over there. …在那儿。


1. What colour do you want?/What colour, please?你要什么颜色的?

2. What size do you want?/What size, please?你要什么尺码的?

3. What kind do you want?/What kind, please?你要哪一种?


1. What about the green one?那件绿色的怎么样?

2. The coat is nice and warm. 这件衣服很暖和。

3. The trousers are the fashion now. 这种裤子现在正流行。

4. How do you like this pattern?你觉得这种款式怎么样?

5. How about the colour? 这颜色怎么样?


1. How much is it? 它要多少钱?

2. How much are these things?这些东西多少钱?

3. How much does it come to? 一共多少钱?

4. What's the price of it? 这个多少钱?

5. How much,please? 请问要多少钱?


顾客中意某一件东西后想买下某物时说:I'll have/take it. (我要买这个。)而较少说:I'll buy it.


Here's the money. 来,付钱。

当顾客购物付款后,售货员或收款员通常要向顾客致谢说:Thank you.



1、May/Can I help you? 您想买点什么?

2、Are you looking for something particular? 您需要什么东西?

3、We have a clearance sale today.我们今天请仓大处理。

4、The price will go down.价格将会降低。

5、I heard other stores having great mark-downs on this item.我听说别的商店这种商品正在大降价。

6、Please try it on.请试穿一下。

7、I 've seen this cheaper in other places.我在别的地方看见过这种商品,价格比者便宜。

8、Could you bring the price down? 价格能再低一点吗?

9、That is a steal.这是廉价品。

10、I'd buy this if it were cheaper.如果再便宜一点我就买。

11、It's a little overpriced.有点贵。

12、Do you know what size you are?你知道自己穿多大好吗?

13、I'm afraid we're out of that item.恐怕那种货已经卖完了。

14、I'm afraid we don't have it in stock.恐怕已经没有存货了。

15、Where is the men's shop?男装柜台在哪?

16、Do you have this in stock?这个还有存货吗?

17、Do you have this in blue?这件有蓝色的吗?

18、How are you going to pay? Cash,check or charge?你打算怎样付款,现金、支票,还是赊帐?

19、How will you pay for this?你用什么方式付款?

20、Cash back?要现金找头吗?

21、what a deal!多便宜!

22、Bring your receipt to the customer service,and they will refund you.拿着你收据到顾客服务台,他们会给您退钱。

23、Can you give me the invoice?你能给我发票吗?


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